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Come on out and make the stars your old friends!

Designed for Stargazers of all ages.
Astronomy, Star Maps, Constellation Charts, Star Lore, and More!

Here's a YouTube link.. Mike Lynch's Minnesota/Wisconsin programs were recently featured on the
Mike Max "Life to the Max" TV Program on WCCO Television.

Mike's Telescope Arsenal


Mike with his Hyperstar Astrophotography Camera System


Pleiades Star Cluster

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Check out my new book (cover below), "Stars, A Month by Month Tour of the Constellations", published by Adventure Publications in Cambridge, Minnesota.
It's a spiral bound user friendly guide to the night sky. Let me take you on a tour of the constellations. The book is a month-by-month guide of where to look, with monthly star maps, constellation diagrams, constellation stories or what I like to call soap operas in the sky. Plus, I have audio commentary available for purchase at Adventure Publication's website. The book is available at bookstores nationwide or the book and audio at

Mike Lynch Starwatch Visitors    Since October 1, 2001