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Mike Lynch Starwatch - Take a Stargazing Class!

Mike Lynch, a broadcast meteorologist at WCCO Radio has been teaching astronomy classes to the general public through community education and nature centers in Minnesota and western Wisconsin since 1973. Itís a great introduction to the world of stargazing and you will learn a lot! Mikeís easy-going manner and sense of humor also makes the class a lot of fun.

At Mikeís astronomy and stargazing class there is a half an hour indoor orientation of the night sky with maps and constellation diagrams provided, and then you will go outside and take in the beautiful celestial show going on over your head. You'll take a constellation tour and share some of the lore of Big Bear, Little Bear, Cassiopeia, and many more. Youíll also use large telescopes to take a closer view of the beauty in the night sky. Your universe is waiting!

If you would like Mike to come to your community to teach his class or as an after dinner speaker, contact Mike at:

WCCO Email:
Home Email:
Day Phone: 612-375-7283